PennEngineering has joined the Charging Interface Initiative (CharIN), the world’s largest association focused on the global standardization of electric vehicle charging infrastructure.
CharIN’s international network includes over 300 members representing automakers, charging station manufacturers, component suppliers, energy providers, grid operators, and others. Its primary objective is to develop and establish the Combined Charging System (CCS) as the standard global solution for charging all types of battery-powered EVs.

As a regular member, PennEngineering will work closely with other members – collaborating across industries and sharing expertise to advance the development of technologies and requirements that will support the CCS standard worldwide. 

“We are thrilled to join CharIN and have the opportunity to provide technical expertise regarding Safety Critical Performance, Certified Clean, and Application Tested fastening connection solutions,” said Mark Chadwick, Global Market Manager of Automotive Electronics. “The exchange of innovative ideas made possible through this partnership will shape the future of EV-charging infrastructure and ensure that PennEngineering® continues to be an industry leader for decades to come.”

PennEngineering’s comprehensive product portfolio is strategically designed to meet today’s most critical e-mobility applications, which include HV connections, battery management systems, onboard chargers, DC-AC inverters and DC-DC converters, thermal management systems, and motor control.

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